Ricki 27 years old white Men

Hey, Im Ricki, Im 27 years old white Men. I have Hair Color > short hair and brown eyes. Chat with me now!

Location: United States Ashburn
Age: 27 Years Old
Ethnicity: white
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color:
Hair Length: short
Diet: Vegan,
Hobbies: Saltwater Aquariums, Origami, Robotics,
Job: Hair Dresser,
Kids: Want Kids,
Music: Electro, Music of Latin America, Music of Africa,
Pets: Has Dogs,
Political Preference: Green Environmentalism,
Relationship Type: Polygamous,
Religion: Christian,
Sexual Orientation: HeteroSexual,
Status: Parent,
Connections: New Friends,
Zodiac Sign: Pisces,
Smoking: Smoker,

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